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Tronico RC 4ch Massey Ferguson 8690 1:16 Metal Kit set


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  • Model: 710084
  • Manufactured by: Tronico


Tronico remote-controlled tractor - Massey Ferguson MF-8690
Short Description: tronico RC - 4 channel remote-controlled tractor MF-8690, metal construction, 1:16 scale from metal and plastic, Functions: forward / backward, left / right profile tires made ​​of soft plastic, all parts printed in color, with a trailer hitch, all parts just bolted and locked with nuts, made ​​of high quality metal, with MF decors, tractor requires 5 x AA and remote control 2 x AA batteries (not included), chassis and tires are pre-assembled, including tools, installation instructions, Recommended age from 8 years, Carton
The new series - tronico RC - radio controlled models
The new RC series is designed specifically for children and modelers. Our goal in development was to make easy-to-build models without which they differ from the professional models! Also should the R / C unit already be "Ready to Run". Thus, the new RC series has a completely prefabricated chassis made ​​of plastic, so that only the structures must be installed. From the side, the radio-controlled are virtually indistinguishable from professional models. The products have fewer parts and therefore young modelers can handle it well during assembly. The steering is easy and powerful. The model has a speed and can pull the trailer Krampe Big Body E460 (1:16)! This trailer alone weighs just 1.7 kg! But we have gone further with the development, because it can also use the most followers of Brother (®) ( www.bruder.de ) are appended. This aspect is certainly interesting for many children, because our experience, most kids are so equipped plentiful. The R / C series should certainly not be driven through mud and water, but for your use outside they are suitable. Afterwards, it applies the models but then to dust, so that no problems arise later in steering or drive. The motor is attached to a gearbox, which ensures a powerful drive, while allowing a realistic speed.
The tractor requires 5 x AA batteries which are not included in the set. We recommend for continuous operation and to protect the environment accumulators. Based on the latest legislation, the battery may not be loaded in the model, but it must be done outside. The battery compartment is located on the bottom and is secured with a screw.
The range is in the radius of 30 meters and is sufficient for the operation of gambling. The pure play time in continuous operation with trailer is about 10 minutes, which can of course vary with powerful batteries up. We recommend AA batteries 1800-3600 mAh strength.
When you build your model parents or older siblings should be there. Especially in the beginning you have to hang together and learn to understand the drawing. Therefore, it is important that, for example, the parents are included. The first 50% of the assembly need of course to understand Meccano more time to construct. The remaining 50% will need probably only about 30% of the entire construction period. The building instructions are in A3 format so huge! For this purpose, all the parts are already pre-formed and there is a DIN A4 page with color pictures of the product from all sides to things to be compared after construction.
The material of tronico is made of high quality metal and plastic. The included Massey Ferguson MF 8690 - Sticker complete after assembling the model and make it a true original Massey Ferguson MF 8690 tractor metal model. In the clear box packaging tool, the assembly instructions and a colored control image with all page views are included to control support in addition to the material yet. Metal kits are approved in Germany since eight years, we recommend for this detailed series but a minimum age of 8 years in cooperation with the parents or older siblings. 
tronico products offer every age group from young to old in all seasons, a nice job and the opportunity to pursue their hobby in the sun and rain. But above all, supports and promotes tronico the development of motor skills and coordination. Especially in children, the development of fine motor skills and logical thinking is established and developed during assembly.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 August, 2014.