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If you are having a problem with a model of yours then we are happy to try to resolve the problem for you. We repair models on a daily basis whether that be tuning an RC Car engine, programming & setting up electronics, repairing damaged aircraft as well as many other things.

Prices for repairs do vary on the complexity of the job and the time involved, it is best that you contact us and let us know about your model and we can provide you with an estimate price.

Our most common tasks involve tuning RC Car engines and replacing damaged components on the cars themselves. Generally speaking a tune is about $30. However, often we find when an engine is not correctly running it is because of another reason, such as an air leak, worn out glow plug, etc. In this scenario, we need to find what is wrong with the car and if need be replace the part causing the problem. This can mean that the price of a tune that was initially thought to be $20 can escalate to $60-$100.

So for any trouble with your modelling goods feel free to come in to the store and ask us for advice.